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The Canadian
Geotechnical Society
La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
The Canadian

Awards and Honours

The Canadian Geotechnical Society has created a number of awards and honours that recognize the achievements and excellence of its members. Primary funding for the Society's awards and honours is provided by the generous support of the Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique.

CGS awards are presented annually at the Society’s Annual Conference. The 2013 recipients, award categories and brief descriptions of the selection criteria are presented below. To view previous CGS award recipients, please click here.

R.F. Legget Medal
This is the Society’s highest honour and is awarded to an individual for outstanding, life-long contributions to geotechnique.

2013 Recipient – Serge Leroueil

G. Geoffrey Meyerhof Award
Awarded to an individual for outstanding and exceptional contributions to the art and science of Foundation Engineering.

2013 Recipient – Jean Lafleur, Professor, École Polytechnique de Montréal, Montréal, QC

Thomas Roy Award
Awarded to an individual for outstanding contributions to the field of Engineering Geology in Canada.

2013 Recipient - D. Jean Hutchinson, Professor, Queens University, Kingston, ON

Roger J.E. Brown Award
Awarded to an individual for publishing the best paper on permafrost engineering/science or to honour an individual for outstanding excellence in the field of permafrost engineering.

Not scheduled for 2013

John A. Franklin Award
The award recognizes an individual or individuals who have made outstanding technical contributions to the fields of Rock Mechanics or Rock Engineering in Canada or internationally.

2013 Recipient - Erik Eberhardt, Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Geosynthetics Award
The award recognize an individual or individuals who have made outstanding technical contributions to the use of geosynthetics in Canada or internationally.

Not scheduled for 2013

Geoenvironmental Award
This award recognizes an individual or individuals who have made outstanding technical contributions to the practice of multidisciplinary geoenvironmental engineering in Canada or internationally.

Not scheduled for 2013

Robert N. Farvolden Award
The Robert N. Farvolden Award is a joint award of the Canadian Geotechnical Society and the Canadian National Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH-CNC).The award recognizes outstanding contributions by an individual to groundwater science and engineering in Canada.

2013 Recipient – Richard E. Jackson, Principal, Geofirma Engineering

R.M. Quigley Award
Awarded annually to an individual or individuals for the best paper published in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal.

2013 Recipient - Gang Zheng; Si Yuan Peng; Charles W.W. Ng; Yu Diao "Excavation effects on pile behaviour and capacity, Canadian Geotechnical Journal" (Vol.49 No.12 pp.1347-1356)
Honourable Mention: R. Kerry Rowe; Melissa Chappel; Richard Brachman; Andy TakeField study of wrinkles in a geomembrane at a composite liner test site, Canadian Geotechnical Journal” (Vol.49 No.10,pp.1196-1211)
  R. Kerry RoweShort- and long-term leakage through composite liners, The 7th Arthur Casagrande Lecture, Canadian Geotechnical Journal” (Vol. 49 No. 2 pp. 141-169)

A.G. Stermac Award
CGS’s A.G. Stermac Awards are presented to members who have contributed outstanding service to the Society through their actions at the local, national or international level.

2013 Recipient – Paul Chiasson (Université de Moncton)
2013 Recipient – Michel Massiéra (Université de Moncton)
2013 Recipient – Muhsin-Elie Rahhal (Université Laval)
2013 Recipient – Denis LeBoeuf (Université Laval)
2013 Recipient – Jean-Marie Konrad (Université Laval)

CGS Graduate Student Award
The CGS Graduate Student Awards is presented for the best paper authored or co-authored and presented by a geotechnical graduate student at an accredited Canadian University. The winning paper is presented by the student at the annual Canadian Geotechnical Conference.

2013 Recipients

1st Prize Ryley Beddoe, “Physical modeling of rainfall induced landslides”; Department of Civil Engineering, Queen's University; Advisor, Dr. Andy Take
2nd Prize M. Meckkey El Sharnouby, “Monotonic and cyclic behaviour of steel fiber reinforced helical pulldown micropiles”; Civil and Envr. Engineering, University of Western Ontario; Advisor, Dr. Hesham El Naggar

CGS Undergraduate Student Awards
These awards recognize excellence in the preparation of a geotechnical report by full time undergraduate students in accredited engineering programs or a geoscience programs in Canadian Universities. There are two categories – individual and group.

2013 Individual Recipients

1st Prize Steven Harms, “Large Scale Field Testing and Evaluation of Temporary Flood Protection Products”; Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba; Advisor, Dr. James Blatz
2nd Prize Dale Brunton, “Characterizing the Instability Line of Silica Sand as a Potential Landslide Triggering Mechanism”; Dept. of Civil Engineering, Queen's University; Advisor, Dr. Andy Take & Dr. Greg Siemens

2013 Group Recipients

1st Prize Gary Cui, Jessica Galavan, Duncan Leung, Matthew Lloyd, “Holmestrand Underground Rail Cavern”; Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Queen's University; Advisor, Dr. Mark Diederichs
2nd Prize Jenna Bowling, Ryun Humenjuk, Crystal Lei, Adam Woods, Xiao Qin Yangi, “Foundation and West approach Embankment Design"; Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, University of British Columbia; Advisor, Susan W. Hollingshead

Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique National Graduate Scholarship

2013 Recipient – Bryan A. S. Tatone, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Notable Canadian and international geotechnical professionals are recognized each year for their contributions to the profession and are invited to address CGS members at the annual conference and in the local sections. These honours include the R.M. Hardy Address, the Canadian Geotechnical Colloquium and the Cross Canada Lecture Tour.

R.M. Hardy Keynote Address
The R.M. Hardy Keynote Address was established to honour a great Canadian teacher and geotechnical engineer. This keynote address opens the Society’s annual Canadian Geotechnical Conference and is presented by a well-known, senior CGS member from the city or region where the conference is being held.

2013 Honouree – Michel Aubertin, Ecole Polytechnique, Montréal, QC

CGS Colloquium
The Canadian Geotechnical Colloquium is presented during the annual Canadian Geotechnical Conference by a young (under 40) CGS member who shows great promise in their professional or academic career. The recipient is selected by the Society’s Geotechnical Research Board and is awarded funding to review and/or research their selected topic.

2013 Honouree – Paul Simms, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

Cross Canada Lecture Tour
The CGS Cross Canada Lecture Tour is offered in the spring and the fall to disseminate information, knowledge and practical experience to Society members by prominent Canadian or international geotechnical experts. Many outstanding and world-renowned specialists have participated in this program and have lectured across Canada.

Spring 2013 Honouree – Bob Cameron
Fall 2013 Honouree – Ed Kavazanjian


2013 Canadian Geotechnical Society Recipients

Julian C. Smith Medal Peter K. Kaiser
John B. Stirling Medal Ian D. Moore
Fellowship of the Institute (FEIC) Iain G. Bruce
Fellowship of the Institute (FEIC) Robert J. Fannin
Fellowship of the Institute (FEIC) Denis LeBoeuf