La Société canadienne
de géotechnique
The Canadian
Geotechnical Society
La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
The Canadian
About the Geosynthetics Division
The Geosynthetics Division supports industrial, technical and, research efforts advancing the use of geosynthetics by Canadian geotechnical professionals. It contributes to the organization of short courses and sessions related to Geosynthetics during the annual Canadian geotechnical conference. The Division monitors, stimulates and promotes national and international activities leading to the technical competence and excellence of the Canadian geotechnical professionals.
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the Geosynthetics Division consists of the following members:
Fady B. Abdelaal
Queen's University
Vice Chair
Eric Blond
EB Consultant
Vice Chair
Prabeen Joshi
Arcadis Construction Services
Vice Chair
Sam Bhat
Past Chair
René Laprade

Geosynthetics Award

For an outstanding contribution associated with the application of geosynthetics in civil, geotechnical or geoenvironmental engineering. The contribution can be theoretical, practical or a case study, and can be in the form of:

i) a publication in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal, official journal of the International Geosynthetics Society; or another peer-reviewed technical journal,

ii) a book or chapter of a book, or

iii) a keynote or invited lecture published in the proceedings of a learned society conference.


Awarded biannually, typically even-numbered years. Please send your nominations directly to the Division Chair.

Most Recent Awardees:

2022: Mohamed A. Meguid

2020: Colin Alston

2018: (not awarded)

2016: MH El Naggar

2014: (not awarded)

2012: J Fannin

Latest News
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Please contact the Geosynthetics Division at info@cgs.ca if you have any comments or suggestions.