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La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
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About the Geohazards Committee
Geohazards comprise a subgroup of natural hazards associated with geotechnical, hydrotechnical, tectonic, snow and ice, and geochemical processes that can affect public safety, infrastructure and the environment.

The Geohazards Committee (formerly the Landslide Committee) supports efforts leading to the technical competence and excellence of Canadian geotechnical and related geoscience professionals working in the field of geohazards. It contributes to the organization of Canadian geotechnical conference sessions on landslides and geohazards, the organization of national and international landslide and geohazard conferences, the development of national geohazards guidelines, and the maintenance of links with other related professional societies such as the Joint Technical Committee on Natural Slopes and Landslides (JTC 1).

The Committee also collaborates with the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) to award the Schuster Medal. The Schuster Medal is awarded to CGS and AEG members who have made a significant contribution to "Geohazards" research, practice and/or education.
Executive Committee
The executive members of the Geohazards Committee include:
Past Chair
Ariane Locat
Université Laval
Scott McDougall
Megan van Veen
BGC Engineering

Survey of Canada’s Canadian Landslide Guidelines

The Canadian Landslide Guidelines (technical guidelines and best practices related to landslides) were developed between 2010 and 2016 under the direction of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), with the support of the CGS Geohazards Committee, and by more than Canadian 50 landslide specialists.

The guidelines are available electronically as a series of GSC Open Files:

Introduction, Open File 6765

Terminology, Open File 7623

Review of Existing Guidelines, Open File 7058

Socio-Economic Significance, Open File 7311

Classification, Description, Causes and Indirect Effects, Open File 7359

Professional Practice and Insurance Issues, Open File 6981

Risk Management, Open File 6996

Risk Evaluation, Open File 7312

Identification, Maps and Mapping, Open File 7059 

Site Investigation, Analysis, Monitoring and Treatment, Open File 8114 

Examples of Common Landslide Types, Open File 7897


CGS GeoHazards Conference Proceedings

Since 1992, the CGS has organized, or co-organized, a series of conferences on Geotechnique and Natural Hazards (GeoHazards Conferences).  Topics include landslides, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis that can affect public safety, infrastructure and the environment. 

Proceedings of these conferences are available electronically as follows:

1st Canadian GeoHazards Conference (Vancouver, BC, 1992)

2nd Canadian GeoHazards Conference (Montreal, QC, 2000)

3rd Canadian GeoHazards Conference (Edmonton, AB, 2003)

4th Canadian GeoHazards Conference (Quebec, QC, 2008)

5th Canadian GeoHazards Conference (Kelowna, BC, 2011)

6th Canadian GeoHazards Conference (Kingston, ON, 2014)

7th Canadian GeoHazards Conference (Canmore, AB, 2018)

8th Canadian GeoHazards Conference (Quebec, QC, 2022)


Robert Schuster Medal

The Robert Schuster Medal is a joint award shared between the CGS (Geohazards Committee and Engineering Geology Division) and the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG). This award honours CGS and AEG member, Dr. Robert Schuster (b 1927), who has had a distinguished career, primarily related to geohazards.

The medal recognizes outstanding contributions to geohazards research, teaching and/or professional practice in North America. Past medal winners are:

2022 David Rogers (USA) 

2021 Suzanne Lacasse (Canada)

2020 J. DeGraff (USA) 

2019 J Clague (Canada)

2018 S Burns (USA)

2017 A Shakoor (USA)

2016 J Hutchinson (Canada)

2015 D Cruden (Canada)

2014 K Turner (USA)

2013 J Locat (Canada)

2012 D Cornforth (USA)

2011 (no award)

2010 NR Morgenstern (Canada)

2009 B Voight (USA)

2008 O Hungr (Canada)

2007 RL Schuster (USA) 


John Clague received the Schuster Medal at GeoSt.John's 2019.

(L-R): John Clague, Bob Schuster, Mario Ruel

Reports / Documents
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Please contact the chair of the Geohazards Committee if you have any comments or suggestions: info@cgs.ca.