La Société canadienne
de géotechnique
The Canadian
Geotechnical Society
La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
The Canadian

Documents and Lectures

Heritage documents, lectures and videos given in PowerPoint and DVD formats at Canadian Geotechnical Conferences and other events.

Historical Cavalcade from the First 15 Geotechnical Conferences
Short speeches, given at the 50th Geotech Conference in 1997 by 20 of the pioneers in Canadian Geotechnical Science and Practice, including the 6 “Survivors” who had attended the FIRST Conference in 1947. They gave 2 minute talks about their early memories. Their faces and voices are now a unique historical record.

The Canadian Geotechnical Society - a brief history
Part of the above text has been excerpted from the article "Canadian Geotechnical Society" by W.J. Eden, published in Geotechnical News, June 1985. Additions and updating in 1998 are by A.G. Stermac. Further updates on a recurring basis are by J.Graham

History of Geotechnique in Canada
A PowerPoint presentation by Michael Bozozuk at the 60th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Ottawa ON, October 2007

Legacy Lecture - Outstanding Contributions to British Columbia by Eight Geotechnical Engineers
Presented by Bryan Watts at the 59th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Vancouver 2006

Leaders in Geotechnology and Hydrogeology
The folder contains PowerPoint posters about leaders in geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology in Western Canada. The posters were displayed at the 61st Canadian Geotechnical Conference in Edmonton in September 2008. The attached file contains one-page posters outlining the career and achievements of the following individuals: John Andrew Allan, Inge Anderson, Elmer Brooker, Robert M. Hardy, Murray Harris, Bill Jubien, Norbert R. Morgenstern, J. Donald Scott, Stanley Thomson, and Jozsef Toth.

"Engineering Judgment" - Ralph B. Peck
A video lecture by Dr. Peck, with introductions by Dr. Norbert R. Morgenstern. Produced in 1991 by ISSMGE and presented with the support of BiTech Publishers, Vancouver. Please note: this is a large download (150 MB), we recommend right-click and use "Save As" to download to your computer

Geotechnical Engineering in Canada: An Historical Review
The file provides “a living history …through the eyes and recollections of living engineers, to show the humanity that underlies the development of major geotechnical projects in Canada”. The original document, which arose from a series of taped interviews with pioneers of geotechnical engineering in Canada, was published by BiTech Publishers, Richmond BC, at the time of the Golden Jubilee (50th) Conference of the CGS in Ottawa in 1997. Texts of the various sections were prepared by the authors shown in the List of Contents, and edited by Cyril E. Leonoff. Funding to permit publication and distribution to all members of the Canadian Geotechnical Society was raised by the Vancouver Geotechnical Society and generous contributions from the sponsors listed at the end of the document. In 2009, BiTech Publishers provided funding for scanning this electronic version of the document. Note: This is a large download - 70MB. We recommend right-click and use "Save As" to download the file to your computer.

Bilingual Glossary of Landslide Terms
This glossary in French and English was prepared for the International Geotechnical Societies' UNESCO Working Party for the World Landslide Inventory. It was developed by the Landslides Committee of the Canadian Geotechnical Society and published by BiTech Publishers, Richmond BC in 1993 with the ISBN 0-920-505-10-4. It is presented here through the efforts of David Cruden, University of Alberta.

Thomas Roy - Geologist and Engineer (d.1842)
Thomas Roy may well have been North America’s first engineering geologist (Legget, 1973). Little is known of his early life. A letter from James Kerby, Fort Erie Mills, to Lt. Col. William Rowan, Secretary to Lieutenant Governor Sir John Colborne, 15 July 1834, introduces "Mr. Roy from Scotland, who has come to Canada with a view to settling and to make himself as useful as he can as an engineer." (National Archives of Canada [hereafter NAC], U.C. Sundries, RG 5, A-1, pp.78074-75). (Roy's family background may have been in Scotland, as here, or in New Brunswick - see accompanying files.) He lived in Toronto, Ontario from 1834 until his death in 1842 and worked on many projects associated with roads, canals and railways. His obituary showed that he “not only planned and carried into execution the various public improvements which have raised this city (Toronto) to its present state of prosperity, but he has for years employed himself in examining into the geological features of this Province...”. To honour the memory of Thomas Roy, the Society’s Engineering Geology Division established in 1982 an award carrying his name. Additional information about Thomas Roy can be found in Information and Location for Archival Records.

R.F. Legget: Thomas Roy and his "Remarks on road making" (1841)
In 1841, Thomas Roy wrote and published a remarkable little book on road making, in some ways far ahead of its time. This paper by R.F. Legget (Can.Geotech.J., 25, (1-12), 1988) presents biographical information about Roy and significant extracts from the book. The paper has been made available through permission from NRC Research Press.

“Thomas Roy” (1841) – Principles and Practice of Roadmaking as Applicable to Canada
This is a scanned copy of the original 1841 document by Thomas Roy.

Proceedings of Early CGS Conferences
Since 1948, the Canadian Geotechnical Society has organized annual geotechnical conferences. This is believed to be the longest continuous sequence of such conferences in the world. Papers presented at the conferences were published in a series of Proceedings which have now been scanned and are available in the Member Section of the CGS website http://www.cgs.ca/members.php. The documents contain records of many valuable case studies and research projects.

Saskatchewan Geotechnical Pioneers
The folder contains PowerPoint posters about Saskatchewan Geotechnical Pioneers. The Pioneers' legacies were celebrated at the 67th Canadian Geotechnical Conference in Regina in September 2014. The attached file contains one-page posters highlighting the career and achievements of the following individuals: Dr. A.W. Clifton, Dr. E.A. Christiansen, Dr. D.G. Fredlund, Paul Machibroda, Barry W. Mickleborough, Dr. J.D. Mollard, R.O.Peterson, A. Stewart Ringheim, Dr. E.K Sauer, Dr. B.B. Torchinsky.