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CGS News - March 2014

Call for Nominations for CGS Awards

Nominations for CGS Awards may be submitted to The Canadian Geotechnical Society Secretariat, 8828 Pigott Road, Richmond, BC, V7A 2C4, Canada; Fax: (604) 277-7529, e-mail:, by not later than June 1, except where not

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Call for Applications (due 30 April 2014) for the Position of CGS Secretary General
- January 2014

The Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS) is beginning a search for a new Secretary General who will undertake the position on or about January 1, 2015

The CGS Secretary General  is a paid, part-time position.  The Secretary General is responsible and

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CGS News - December 2013

2014 President-Elect - Douglas F. VanDine, CGS President for 2015-2016

In accordance with the By-Laws of the Society, a Nominating Committee was formed to identify a suitable candidate for the President-Elect. The nominating committee consisted of Bryan Wat

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