La Société canadienne
de géotechnique
The Canadian
Geotechnical Society
La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
Southern Saskatchewan (Regina)
About the Regina Section
Formal Name: Regina Geotechnical Group
Primary Centre: Regina, SK
Approximate Catchment Area: Southern Saskatchewan

The Regina Geotechnical Group has active participation from Regina and the surrounding areas. It provides a University of Regina undergraduate scholarship, a Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology book award, and sponsorship donations to various technical functions.
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the Regina Geotechnical Group consists of the following members:
Past Chair
Darrell Mihial
CGS Section Director
Jasyn Henry
Clifton Associates Ltd
Program Director
Krystin Robinson
University Representative
Maki Ito
University of Regina
Secretary Treasurer
Anna Torgunrud
JD Mollard and Associates
Geoenvironmental Chair
Ryan Kozun
Clifton Associates Ltd
Harpreet Panesar
Government of Saskatchewan
Communications Director
Heather Duncan
Clifton Associates Ltd.
Geohazards Chair
Bret Dundas
Water Security Agency
Linear Infrastructure Chair
Corey Gorrill
Upcoming Events


Please contact the Regina Geotechnical Group at Regina@cgs.ca if you have any comments or suggestions.
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