La Société canadienne
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The Canadian
Geotechnical Society
La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
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À propos de la Division Géoenvironnement
The Geoenvironmental Engineering Division (GED) of the Canadian Geotechnical Society continues to move forward with the aim of increasing the visibility of the Division. Our mandate and objectives include the provision of opportunities to upgrade and update the professional-knowledge and skills of our members through short-courses, seminars and other activities which facilitate the transfer and exchange of knowledge, experience and information in the field of Geo-environmental Engineering for the benefit of division members and of the geotechnical, environmental and other related professions. The active participation of Division members is greatly appreciated.
Comité exécutif
Le Comité exécutif est composé des membres suivants:
Vincent Martin
WSP Golder
Ancienne présidente
Magdalena Krol
York University

Geoenvironmental Award (Geoenvironmental Division)

Members of the CGS are invited to nominate individuals for the Geoenvironmental Award of the Geoenvironmental Division. Since it was established in 2000 it is awarded biannually in even years.


For an outstanding technical contribution associated with Canadian geoenvironmental engineering such as i) a landmark publication that has had important and lasting effect on the field, ii) a recent publication that represents an outstanding contribution to the field; iii) advancing or promoting the field; iv) on-going contributions to the field throughout his/her career. The recent publication can be a paper in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal, a paper in the proceedings of a learned society conference, or another peer-reviewed technical journal; or a book or chapter of a book. It must have been published no longer ago than two calendar years preceding the award year.

Selection Criteria

Must be a Canadian resident.

Past Award Winners

2016     B Bussière

2014     M Aubertin

2012     S Azam

2010     EK Yanful

2008     RE Jackson

2006     L Li, M Chen, J Gace

2004     SL Barbour

2002      W Wilson

2000     RK Rowe


Current Related News

Environmental Geotechnics (icevirtuallibrary.com/content/serial/envgeo) is a new international, cross-disciplinary, and fast-track publication vehicle for high quality research. Designed to build, showcase and nurture multidisciplinary research in the arena of Geoenvironmental engineering. 

Guidelines for preparing the manuscript are provided at and submissions can be made online at editorialmanager.com/envgeo/



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