La Société canadienne
de géotechnique
The Canadian
Geotechnical Society
La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
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The current holdings of this virtual library include:

(2022) Geotechnical Athlone Fellows
The year 2021 marked the 50th year since the Athlone Fellowship program ended. It ran from 1951 to 1971. This contribution briefly summarizes the history of program and identifies 36 Canadian geotechnical engineers who received the fellowship. The geotechnical contributions of 34 of the 36 individuals are briefly summarized. Little or nothing is known about the other two individuals.

(2021) Contributors to Southern Ontario Geotechnique
During the 74th CGS Annual Conference, GeoNiagara 2021, the CGS Southern Ontario Section honoured eight individuals who have made, or are still making, a contribution to geotechnique in Southern Ontario and beyond. Short videos were created and shown during the Heritage Luncheon to honour: P.K. Chatterji, Murty Devata, Brian Isherwood, Kwan Yee Lo, Fred Matich, Zuhtu Ozden, John Seychuk and Peter Wu.

(2015) Eastern Quebec Honours its Pioneers
During the 68th CGS Annual Conference, GeoQuebec 2015, the CGS Section Est du Québec honoured seven of its pioneers: Joseph-Clovis-Kemner Laflamme, Pierre Larochelle, François Tavenas, Jean-Yves Chagnon, Luc Tanguay, Marius Roy and Pierre Gelinas.

(2014) Contributors to Saskatchewan Geotechnique
10-page power point posters of ten contributors to Saskatchewan geotechnique: A.W. (Wayne) Clifton, E.A. (Earl) Christiansen, D.G. (Del) Fredlund, Paul Machibroda, Barry W. Mickleborough, J.D. (Jack) Mollard, R.O. (Bob) Peterson, A. Stewart Ringheim, E.K. (Karl) Sauer, B.B. (Ben) Torchinsky. The posters highlight the careers and achievements of the individuals: The individuals' legacies were celebrated at the 67th CGS Annual Conference in Regina, SK in 2014.

(2008) Leaders in Geotechnology and Hydrogeology in Western Canada
10-page power point posters of leaders in geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology in Western Canada: John Andrew Allan, Inge Anderson, Elmer Brooker, Robert M. Hardy, Murray Harris, Bill Jubien, Norbert R. Morgenstern, J. Donald Scott, Stanley Thomson, and Jozsef Toth. Each poster outlines the career and achievements of the individuals: The posters were displayed at the 61st CGS Annual Conference in Edmonton, AB in 2008.

(2007) History of Geotechnique in Canada
44-page power point presentation by Michael Bozozuk at the 60th CGS Annual Conference, Ottawa ON, October 2007. Among other things, it contains brief profiles of "Pioneers": I.F. (Ibrahim) Morrison, R.M. (Bob) Hardy, Robert (Bob) Peterson, Norbert (Nordie) Morgenstern, Jack D. Mollard, Branko Ladanyi, Gordon C. McRostie, Hugh B. Sutherland, and G. Geoffrey Meyerhof; a brief history of the "Associate Committee on Geotechnical Research of the NRCC", and brief profiles of its chairmen Robert F. Legget, C.B. (Carl) Crawford, Lorne W. Gold, Victor Milligan, and Donald H. Shields, Technical Advisor William (Bill) J. Eden, Executive Secretary Michael Bozozuk, Chairman of the Geotechnical Research Board Jack I. Clark, Director General of the CGS Tony Stermac, and several individuals associated with specific projects: Roger J.E. Brown and George H. (Hank) Johnson, and K.Y. (Kwan Yee) Lo.

(2006) Legacy Lecture - Outstanding Contributions to British Columbia by Eight Geotechnical Engineers
68-page power point presentation by Bryan Watts at the 59th CGS Annual Conference in Vancouver, BC in 2006. The eight individuals are Charlie Ripley, Chuck Brawner, Earle Klohn, Norm McCammon, Ray Benson, Frank Patton, Al Imrie, and John Gadsby. In addition, the presentation provides snapshots of many BC projects that these individuals worked on.

(1997) Historical Cavalcade
83-minute video of short presentations, hosted by Gordon McRostie, that were given at the 50th CGS Annual Conference in Ottawa in 1997 by 20 of the early contributors to geotechnique in Canada: Victor Milligan, Don Shields, Fred Matich, Pierre La Rochelle, Tony Stermac, John Seychuk, Jack Clark, Norbert Morgenstern, Branko Ladanyi, Carl Crawford, Earl Klohn, Cyril Leonoff, Bill Trow, Jack Mollard, Lionel Peckover, Charlie Ripley, Hugh Sutherland, Gerry Williams, Geoffrey Meyerhof, and Gordon McRostie. These include 6 individuals who attended the 1st CGS Annual Conference in 1947. Each of the 20 individuals talked about his early geotechnical memories and memories of the CGS. Their faces and voices form a unique historical record.

(1997) Geotechnical Engineering in Canada: an Historical Review
150-page document, which resulted from a series of taped interviews with early contributors to the geotechnical profession in Canada, was published by BiTech Publishers, as a Commemorative Edition of Geotechnical News at the time of the Golden Jubilee 50th CGS Annual Conference in Ottawa 1997. Texts were prepared and edited by Cyril E. Leonoff. Funding to permit publication and distribution to all members of the CGS was raised by the Vancouver Geotechnical Society and generous sponsors listed in the document. In 2009, BiTech Publishers provided funding for scanning this electronic version of the document.

Among other things, this document includes short biographies, and in one case an autobiography, of seven contributors to Canadian geotechnique: I.F. (Ibrahim) Morrison, Bob Hardy, Robert Peterson, Robert Ferguson Legget, G. Geoffrey Meyerhof, Karl Terzaghi, Ralph Peck (autobiography). It also includes a chapter on women in Canadian geotechnical engineering.