La Société canadienne
de géotechnique
The Canadian
Geotechnical Society
La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
La Société
canadienne de
Comité sur jeunes professionnels
À propos du Comité sur jeunes professionnels
Established in 2022, the Young Professionals (YP) Committee at the Canadian Geotechnical Society is a group for early-career individuals in the geotechnical profession which is an integral part of Canada’s infrastructure. The committee is committed to building the next generation of geotechnical leaders. The committee wishes to expand the CGS offerings for younger members by promoting collaboration between interested parties within and outside the CGS, and by acting as a “think tank” to propose new and innovative ways to interact with YP members.

The Young Professionals refer to geotechnical professionals with under 10 years of experience.

Vision: Building the next generations of geotechnical leaders.

Mission: Based on the vision, our mission is supported by five pillars: 1) Network, 2) Knowledge, 3) Development, 4) Collaboration and 5) Impact.

The committee will provide a NETWORK of peers and veterans; create avenues for building geotechnical KNOWLEDGE; provide access to both personal and professional DEVELOPMENT; create opportunities through COLLABORATION with industry, academia, government and other young professional groups outside CGS; and create an IMPACT by articulating a vision for the future within the changing geotechnical landscape.
Comité exécutif
Kshama Roy
DNV Canada Limited, Alberta
Vice-président / Représentante des JP de CGS
Leanne McLaren
Thurber Engineering Limited, Alberta
Silvia Nobre
Dillon Consulting, Manitoba
Responsable - Connaissance
Rajith Sudilan Dayarathne
C-CORE, Newfoundland & Labrador
Responsable - Réseau
Naveel Islam
University of Alberta, Alberta
Responsable - Développement
Intisar Ahmed
Thurber Engineering Limited, British Columbia
Responsable - Impact
Kamelia Atefi Monfared
York University, Ontario
Responsable - Collaboration
Chelsea Burdon
Klohn Crippen Berger, Alberta
Exécutif actif
Brennan McMullin
BGC Engineering, Nova Scotia
Exécutif actif
Bryce Marcotte
SRK, University of Saskatchewan
Exécutif actif
Angela Vriends
Stantec, Prince Edward Island

How to Join Us?

LinkedIn Group:

To connect CGS YPs nationally, we have started a LinkedIn group to share resources, make connections and collaborate. We already have over 130 members and if you identify yourself as a YP, we encourage you to join this group. The LinkedIn group can be found here: www.linkedin.com/groups/14132567/


We are hard at work in implementing high quality and exciting initiatives for CGS YPs. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please reach out to our Chair, Kshama Roy or any of our leadership team members.

Upcoming Events:

  • The first ever CGS Mentorship Pilot Program
  • ‘Geotech 101 for Young Professionals’ Webinar Series
  • CGS K-12 School Outreach
  • National Geo-Wall Competition


Want to Get the Update?

  • Please follow the CGS LinkedIn Page and keep an eye on every second Wednesday of each month for a YP committee update.
  • Please look at the YP Committee Update section on every issue of the Canadian Geotechnique magazine


Executive Committee


YP Committee


First row - From left: Kshama Roy, Leanne McLaren, Silvia Nobre
Second row - From left: Kamelia Atefi Monfared, Intisar Ahmed, Rajith Sudilan Dayarathne, Chelsea Burdon, Naveel Islam
Third row - From left: Chelsey Yesnik, Angela Hegarty, Brennan McMullin
Rapports / Documents
Canadian Geotechnique, Fall 2022 – Building the next generation of geotechnical leaders
Canadian Geotechnique, Winter 2022 – YP Committee Update
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